A sense of place and the feeling of belonging are crucial to our well being.  Community can be a neighborhood or a neighbor.  It can be a park or a party.  It can be a restaurant on Main Street or a backyard bbq.  We must continue to create and enhance our physical community in a way that brings the people of this city together.  We must continue to transform our shared civic assets to foster engagement, equity, environmental sustainability and economic development in our city.1

If we are going to continue to improve our city, we are going to need cooperation between the residents, the city staff and our elected officials.  I am looking forward to contributing to this process by being a thoughtful and open-minded member of a great City Council that listens to our neighbors and empowers our expert staff to move us in the right direction. 

Okay, but comedy?  Yes!  Well, more like “sense of humor,” but alliteration is so important in slogans.  Laughter and levity are key tools in the process of making serious decisions about serious things.  I have always found a way to make others smile and to laugh at myself as we struggle to work through tense and important issues.  I truly hope to bring a positive attitude and friendly disposition to the council as we all work together to serve all of you.

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