Or is it “Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Today?” 

Okay, this is kind of a joke, because of course tomorrow’s yesterday IS today.  However, there is a seriousness hidden in this slogan.  I am fortunate to sit on the Louisville Historic Preservation Commission and we work hard with staff to preserve the structural and social past of Louisville by landmarking its historic buildings.  But these buildings weren’t built in the past.  They were built the day they were built.  The passing of time makes ordinary actions historic.  Today, we have a chance to put our stamp on the story of Louisville.  50 years from now our grandchildren will look back at our actions today and see the history we made…today.  We are not done creating the tale of our town and I am excited to be a part of the next chapter in a great story.

Support the campaign…

If you believe that you are an important part of the fabric of this community and that you are worth remembering, help Caleb get elected. (Whoa. That was a bit over the top) If you also felt like that statement was a bit over the top, help Caleb get elected.