I recognize that everything I’ve achieved throughout my life has been due to the immense support I get from my community of friends, family, colleagues and strangers.  I love being a part of this community and I am excited to give back by lending my time and expertise to the City Council.

I am willing to put in the time and effort for my neighbors and I am uniquely prepared to contribute to our city due to the breadth and depth of my involvement in Louisville. 

I live in Old Town and work on Front Street, all three of my kids are in the local schools (Patchwork, LES and LMS) and I even have two big, beautiful dogs that enjoy our open space, bike paths and dog parks.  In addition to my personal life and experience in Louisville, I am the Vice Chair of the Historic Preservation Commission, Vice President of the Downtown Business Association and Board Member of the Louisville Chamber of Commerce.  One of the reasons that I chose to be a part of so many diverse organizations is to help connect these amazing groups of people who are working to make our city better.  Having one set of ears listening to everyone creates connection and cooperation.  We need a City Council that understands the desires of our residents, the needs of our local business owners, the goals of our local committees and the role of the City to make it all happen.

One of the first actions I would take as a member of the City Council would be to help organize a quarterly “meeting of the minds” to include the presidents/chairs of the Historic Preservation Commission, Revitalization Commission, Business Retention and Development, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Association, Arts District, Cultural Council, Planning Commission, Open Space, Recreation, Sustainability and Finance.  If we can get all these talented and dedicated people in one room to collaborate and support each other in the goals and struggles of each group, we can strengthen their effectiveness for our citizens.

If you believe in listening to and learning from one another, I hope you’ll join me in the effort to make Louisville an amazing place that is welcoming and inclusive to all those who work, live, and play in our city.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake.

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